Neogenesis (book review)

Neogenesis by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (Baen Books, 2018)

I've been waiting for Neogenesis since The Gathering Edge, which I did not enjoy as much. The story moves from character to character and location to location. I remembered most of the characters, including some of my favorites: jeeves, the Tree, Nelirikk, the Korval clan, Yuri Shaper, the Bedels, Admiral Bunter, Daav and Aelliana (newly returned), the Pathfinders, and more--even the Uncle (he grows on you). And the new villain, the Lyre Institute and its minions, is scary. Their threads are woven into an exciting and satisfying story; and so many challenges must be met by almost everyone. Suspense, danger, death, surprises, and the Shadow fill the pages. So many scenes come to mind that I would love to share, but I won't spoil your enjoyment. And I am going to reread it.

Note 1: I was pleased to see on the Thanks page at the beginning of the book that Lee and Miller included James H. Schmitz, Goth, the Leewit, and others of Schmitz' characters from The Witches of Karres. (Track down his other books too!)

Note 2: I enjoyed rereading The Space at Tinsori Light. Thanks for including it here.

Note 3: I got the idea for Taboo Tech from the Liaden stories. Thank you both for that and all the enjoyment that your stories have given me.


Firebrandt's Legacy (book review)

 Firebrandt's Legacy by David Lee Summers (Hadrosaur Productions, 2019): I love connected stories (and anthologies), and I enjoyed Firebrandt's Legacy. These stories are reprints and you see where they've been as you get to know the characters. They grew on me through the various stories; the crew is diverse, interesting, and loyal to Firebrandt and Legacy, the ship. I like them--and I appreciated the stories with Suki's parents--especially her mother! And Firebrant's father; he added depth to that adventure--because so often there are no families in the picture. The aliens, the villains, and the Admiral all played their parts in the different stories as Legacy speeds through the stars, often with the villains and the military in hot pursuit. There is suspense, danger--and worst of all--the possibility that he might lose Legacy. There is action and mayhem (blood and guts) because he has a sword--besides his other weapons--and he knows how to use it. There is some romance as Suki decides eventually that this pirate, uh, privateer, is a hero.


Taboo Tech update

I’m almost finished with my edits.  I came across some mistakes in spelling–not just typos. (I was careless.) I had a big dictionary on my desk slide-out shelf when working on my ms last night, and I even googled a few words. Interesting about stepsisters and step siblings. And I made other changes for various reasons. Btw, because I’ve been working on Taboo Tech for so long, the characters are roaming through my mind. Really. It’s a good thing I like them!

I’ve edited a lot of stories over the years, and I know you can keep doing it forever, and even then you’ll read the finished book and shriek and fall off your chair while clutching your hair and exclaiming–How could I miss that?!