Firebrandt's Legacy (book review)

 Firebrandt's Legacy by David Lee Summers (Hadrosaur Productions, 2019): I love connected stories (and anthologies), and I enjoyed Firebrandt's Legacy. These stories are reprints and you see where they've been as you get to know the characters. They grew on me through the various stories; the crew is diverse, interesting, and loyal to Firebrandt and Legacy, the ship. I like them--and I appreciated the stories with Suki's parents--especially her mother! And Firebrant's father; he added depth to that adventure--because so often there are no families in the picture. The aliens, the villains, and the Admiral all played their parts in the different stories as Legacy speeds through the stars, often with the villains and the military in hot pursuit. There is suspense, danger--and worst of all--the possibility that he might lose Legacy. There is action and mayhem (blood and guts) because he has a sword--besides his other weapons--and he knows how to use it. There is some romance as Suki decides eventually that this pirate, uh, privateer, is a hero.


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