Book review: The Cerulean's Secret

The Cerulean is a genetically engineered cat; it's beautiful and everyone wants it, but the Why is more complicated than its obvious value. It's stolen from a cat show, and our hero, Timothy Boatright, a cabbie and would-be writer who loves Hemingway, picks up the thief with the cat and catches a glimpse of its shimmering blue tail. This meeting gets the cops on his tail, and his involvement becomes more complicated. A mother and her beautiful, mysterious daughter (the mother's mysterious also), the neighborhood gangster who's protecting him because of his mother. and dangerous corporate suits join the mix--and here comes the Little Nasty. The Big Nasty comes later, but they're both dangerous and good at tracking.

The year is 2050 and the virtual technology is dazzling. People can immerse themselves in a fascinating virtual reality world--The Mirror. Lots of imaginative inventions here, including the latest in tattoos. So, Timmy is hunted and he hunts for the reasons behind the mystery of the Cerulean cat 'cause he wants to live and get the cops--everyone and everything off his back, including the big claws, fangs, and other weapons. There are more characters upcoming--and another Big Nasty...

This is only the beginning. Timmy delves into the background of the Animata company and gets in deeper and deeper. So, he eventually rescues The Cerulean and they travel cross-country; he learns more about The Cerulean's origin, but again, that's only the beginning. The technology is imaginative and impressive and fun, as are the characters. Well, some of them--not so much. However, the ending is the my favorite part--more danger--it never really stopped, but keep your eyes on what's happening in the background. I can still see that scene in my mind.

Note: I received a free copy in return for an unbiased review.


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