Book review: Mythicals by Dennis Meredith

Mythicals (Gryphus: 2018)

I love the way the story begins with A'eiio/Deborah squirming her way into her body suit. More interesting and fun than beginning with Jack getting drunk, thus  ensuring that no one will believe him when he attempts to tell the world that he saw a naked woman with wings. He's a drunken, jobless reporter. However, his reporter instincts make him investigate the possibility that he did see a fairy. It's not long after that that he finds that more than fairies exist on the planet. There are ogres, vampires, and more, and they're out to neutralize him because of his persistence.

I enjoyed the characters, especially the vampires, the ogre, the pixie (what a little dickens she is!), and a big, shy, furry creature who hangs out in the woods. But all those who've been exiled to this prison planet are interesting--and some are  dangerous and blood-thirsty. They're not the only villains however. Watch out for the Pilgrims, the mercenaries. and assorted inhabitants from different worlds--and this one.

And then there's the danger that climate change and pollution are bringing into the mix. Wouldn't you be upset when you learn that your planet is doomed and in more than one way? Wormholes and EMPs make good weapons. The characters and plot twists are intriguing; there's one that I never saw coming, though it's been done before. Mustn't forget the waterfront either. I won't give away more of the plot because it's a lot more fun when you don't see them coming.

A scene I really enjoyed was Wendy treating the ogre's wounds. She had to operate, and she needed a hammer, chisel, pliers, and a crowbar--and something to seal the wounds with... The vampires discussing vampire myths was also fun. I enjoyed the whole book and all those mythicals, which is what caught my attention because it didn't sound like a typical monster story. It is so much more than that, including the underlying theme of saving planets. We only have one!

Note: I requested this book from the author. This is an unbiased review. 


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