December 13th, 2010


Demon Minds (Halloween 2010 anthology)

I came across a mention of this anthology while browsing blogs tonight.  I don't know how hardcore the horror is, but the website has a warning that says:

WARNING: This site contains disturbing images, stories, poems and commentary. Not intended for children.

However, the titles (see below) and print teasers are intriguing.  (I am not a horror fan, btw.)  Check it out for yourself:
DemonMinds Horror Publishing, Stories, Poems, and Artwork

Daniel Robichaud - Jacket Ne Saie Quoe (Poem)

Suzanne Sykora - Dandelion Seed (Poem)

Jenna M. Pitman - A Girl and a Dog Walk Into A Bar (Story)

Gustavo Bondoni - Happy Hour at Lilu's (Story)

Kenneth Whitfield - Addictions (Story)

April Grey - At the End of Day (Story)

Chris Morey - Schism (Poem)

Joyce Frohn - Little Coffins (Poem)

Bernard J. Schaffer - The Kyoshi Scrolls (Story)

MZ Hoosen - The Sleeper (Story)

Bruce Memblatt - Bottle in Bordeaux (Story)

C. S. Johnson - Seven Circles (Story)

Gary McCluskey - Patches (Art)

Zac Mauer - Good Grief (Art)

David Pickering - Elegance (Story)

KC Wilder - an unsuccessful writer relaxing at home (Poem)

Tom Thornton - Dow Jones (Poem)

I. E. Lester - Acting's A Hell of A Job (Story)

John Grey - It's Not Like the Old Days (Poem)

Michael Shell - I Have Seen A Gargoyle (Poem)

Dark Matter - The Crush (Story)

Jeffery Scott Sims - Stealing Boris Karloff (Story)

Coy Hall The Image Disturbed (Story)

Rhonda Parrish - Hunger (Poem)

Michael Shell - I Have Seen a Gargoyle (Poem)

Blog link: I.E. Lester