December 11th, 2010



I waatched Icequake on the SyFy channel tonight--could have been a lot better, but at least the husky--named Yeti, I think-- came back to the family at the end, along with the father carrying a Christmas tree--nice touch.   The colonel--head of the military base--was a buffoon at first, but he finally ordered an evacuation; and the town, which had an ice crack run through it earlier , with trucks being tossed in the air--seemed untouched later when people were told to evacuate and later still gathering there  when the family was reunited.

Note: The Cave is on next Saturday, and the TV Guide blurb said that it was a tepid Aliens rip-off.  Oops, I thought it said tepid, but on double-checking, I see that it said torpid, which means (I looked it up) sluggish, slow and dull, apathetic.  I think I'll skip it.