December 4th, 2010


Aoife's Kiss magazine

The December 2010 issue (#35) of Aoife's Kiss magazine is out; and here's the contents listing:

Marc Colten: Six Men and a Little Lady 
Breanna R. Teintze: Going West 
Larry Hodges: The Meteor Always Strikes Once 
F. T. McKinstry: The Eye of Odin 
Earl T. Roske: The Bargeman's Refund 
William Knight: Illusions of Lorelant 
Robert Collins: Pirates & Diplomats 
Dev Agarwal: Grotto 
Travis Burnham: Evil Is As Evil Does 

 John Nichols: Naming of Parts 
Nicky Drayden: Mother Tentacle 
Shelly Bryant: Merovingian 
Thom Olausson: Epitaph of Humanity 
Rone Wisten: The Shadow’s Song 
Scott E. Green: A View of Avatar 
Mike Schoenberg: The Valkyrie Rides 
WC Roberts: Darwin’s Hammer 
Vincent Miskell: Giving Away The World For Almost You 
Jim Lee: Maiden Voyage 

Flash fiction: 
Regan Macauley: The Kiss 
Christine R. Walsh: Lost and Found 
K. W. Taylor: More Matter With More Art: Fiction's Usefulness as Tool of Argument 
Edward Cox movie review: Terry Pratchett's Hogfather 
Edward Cox book review: The Dragon Dictionary by Marge B. Simon & Mary Turzillo 
Edward Cox book review: Nyx: Malache by Tyree Campbell 

Vonnie Winslow Crist: Wizard 

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