September 28th, 2010


New and returning TV shows

I enjoyed the first episode of Hawaii 5-0 because of the introduction of the characters and the repartee, but I'm not sure I'll spend a lot of time watching it.  The Event has turned me off; all that jumping around in time and trying to figure out who's who.  (I did find out how to fool a blood test.)  And I was truly annoyed when they killed the rescued plane passengers.  (It wwould have been interesting if they were wandering around in time.)  I'm going to look at Detroit 1-8-7 because a friend recommended it.  And I came across a rerun of the first episode of Undercovers while browsing after watching the weather report.  (It looks like Nicole is going to miss us, btw.)  Undercovers is a great blend of adventure, romance, and fun.  And, of course, I'm going to watch NCIS tonight.