August 1st, 2010


Tales of the Talisman (Volume 6, Issue 1)

I got the summer issue of Tales of the Talisman recently and finished reading it yesterday.  There's a great variety of stories and poems, plus book reviews.  My favorite stories included Lisa's Little Bet and  Roulette in Pestilence (fascinating premise), but I also enjoyed Demons are A Ghoul's Best Friend, The Graverobber, and Westfield.  A Lady's Guide to First Contact Etiquette was my favorite poem, but The Second Passover (interesting premise) and Earth 2007 (I especially liked the reference to Pluto) stood out to me too.  Among the book reviews, The Occult Files of Albert Taylor and High Crimes on the Magical Plane intrigued me the most.  Lots of art, and the covers are excellent, though I liked the back cover more...  (Just noticed the medal on the man's jacket--clever idea!)

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