June 25th, 2010


Anthology Builder contest

"...build the snazziest anthology you can think of.  Psychedelic Dragons.  Reincarnated Swashbucklers.  Whatever floats your boat, as long as it falls within the realm of good taste.  Be sure to use the left-hand menu to add your masterpiece to the AnthologyBuilder Library.

Next, go mark your antho as ‘liked’ (yes, you may like your own book) along with any others that catch your fancy.  You may like as many books as you wish, and create as many anthologies as you want for the contest.

At the end of July, the ten Most-Liked Anthologies will be taken into a special Playoff Round, which will be described in more detail later.  From them, a winner will be chosen.

Deadline: July 31, ..."    For more info: AnthologyBuilder