June 5th, 2010


Children's stories at Anthology Builder

Just came across this post on the Anthology Builder blog:

"I'm very pleased with the nice collection of children's stories we're attaining, particularly
Tales of the Lighthouse Keeper by Mindy Hardwick and The Cats Who Tried to be Dogs by Gary Cuba."


And, of course, there's my own children's book:

Why Won't Anyone Play with Me?

Why doesn’t anyone want to play with Kallie Kitten? Why do they jump into the pond or hide? Will anyone ever talk to her? Will this frisky little kitten learn to play their games?

Illustrator Andrea Gradidge was originally from the UK and now resides in British Columbia, Canada.  She has illustrated various chapbooks and e-zines and also Joy V. Smith's story "Sammy's Beautiful Tail".

Children will enjoy this colorful picture book and the cut-out critters at the end.  It is available online at Barnes & Noble: