May 31st, 2010


Oasis 23

I spent the weekend (Friday through Sunday) at the Oasis literary science fiction convention in Orlando.  I had fun, and I donated stuff to the charity auction and freebie table.  (I got a lot of stuff--books, zines, etc.--out of the house.)  And I talked to people, helped out a little bit, enjoyed the chili contest and dessert buffet.  (What fantastic, yummy brownies and cookies!)  I had a Philly cheese steak sandwich at a hotel restaurant for supper Friday.  Best Philly cheese steak sandwich and steak I've had in eons!  The fries were very good too.  Expensive, of course.  The second day I split a sandwich with someone.  And I snacked in the con suite.  Bought a few books.  Enjoyed the panels and video room, though I had to leave at the beginning of a brand new Dr. Who two-parter from England when my ride arrived to take me home Sunday afternoon.  Btw, getting on and off I4 at Orlando both times was harrowing!