March 13th, 2010


'50s science fiction movies

The Turner Classic Movies channel ran some classic SF movies last night, and I watched The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, It Came From Beneath the Sea, and The Monster That Challenged the Earth.  These were followed by Them!, but it was late, and I've seen that one often enough.

The Beast was a thawed dinosaur; It was a giant octopus; the Monster was actually multiple molluscs (prehistoric); and Them are the giant ants.  (Nuclear testing has a lot to answer for.)  Host Robert Osborne pointed out that all these mutant monsters were angry and that he'd never seen a happy-go-lucky mutant in these movies.  Btw, the Monster movie was especially interesting because women were beginning to be liberated; the heroine was annoyed when the hero wanted her to marry him and give up her career and science conferences.  I liked her colleague also, who pointed out to the hero the error of his ways.