February 2nd, 2010


Saving our libraries (link)

I read an in-depth article about the state of libraries (not only print) today in the February issue of The Electronic Write Stuff:  Here's an excerpt:


      Another title for this discussion could be “Barbarians in the Libraries.” That hearkens back to the time when the barbarians overran the Roman Empire, whose great libraries were then neglected or destroyed.   ,,,
Today's barbarians also fall into several categories:

      In the book industry for years, the barbarians in the U.S. saved money in the short run by using acid-based paper, which essentially doomed their products to life spans of 40 years.

      In small towns, the barbarians on city councils may have to choose between new bleachers for the Fighting Visigoths or maintaining their "liberry." Ah, Councilman Bubba says, books are dinosaurs. All we need to do is add a PC or laptop, and that will do. We'll save thousands.  ...
For more info about books, kinescopes, films, CDs, etc., see: North Florida Writers  (Click on the Latest Write Stuff Newsletter link)