February 1st, 2010


Asimov's Science Fiction (March 2010 issue review)

I recently read the March 2010 issue of Asimov's Science Fiction; this issue has a nice variety of stories and poetry.  The Tower by Kristine Kathryn Rusch is an intriguing time travel story with members of a time-traveling investigative team working at cross purposes.  (I can't give anything away, but I've always been interested in the truth behind the deaths of the two princes.  See The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey for another look at that mystery.)
Helping Them Take the Old Man Down was an interesting story, but I don't understand the ending.  Why did he do that?!  Blind Cat Dance was an intriguing story; I liked the background premise, which reminded me of something from The Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny.  The characters--not so much.
Our Canine Defense Team by Vincent Miskell was my favorite poem.  I loved the premise and the animals; it would make a great story too.  Lovely imagery in Marble People; and great last line in Crazy Man.
I also enjoyed Sheila Williams' look at interns at Asimov's (editorial), Robert Silverberg's article on showing and telling, and James Patrick Kelly's article, On the Net: The Price of Free (part I) with its tempting website URLs. 

Note: I've enjoyed Vincent Miskell's poetry and stories for years, and we were in two Killer Frog contest anthologies together.